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  • Shawl (Mexico), late 18th–early 19th century

    Long narrow shawl of cream colored cotton embroidered at the ends and along the sides in colored silks and paillettes in a leaf and bow-knot design. Scalloped ends of netting…

  • Shawl (Belgium), 19th century

    White lace shawl of fine mesh with detached floral designs and a wide floral border.

  • Shawl (Switzerland), 19th–20th century

    Shawl in fine white cotton printed in polychrome and what appears to be hand painted additions. Border design is a rural scene along a river; corners feature a rustic bridge,…

  • Shawl (India), 1901–25

    Kashmir shawl with a horizontal repeat of flowers flanked by elaborate interlace of decorated arabesques; twining flower sprays fill interstices; scrolling floral guard band with guard strip above and below.…

  • Shawl

  • Shawl (India), 19th century

    Long rectangular field with lobed black central medallion with two dealer’s marks embroidered in white silk. Great variety of intertwining floral bands and fields and very attenuated curling cones.

  • Shawl (India), 1800–1825

    Long, very fine twill shawl with deep end borders of elongated boteh forms.

  • Shawl (India)

  • Shawl (India), 1830s

    White ground with close-set finely stylized floral serpentines and small floral sprigs in interspaces; in red, yellow, blue, blue-green, black. Narrow floral guard border on four sides. Warp-fringed ends.

  • Shawl (India), 1801–50

    Square “moon shawl” with guard borders on four sides and fringed borders at warp ends only. Broad vertical stripes of red, yellow and white with floral cones, separated by narrow…

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