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  • Scarf (France), 19th century

    Three cornered lace scarf. Probably Empire style.

  • Scarf (Indonesia), early 20th century

    Narrow length of batik in brown, dark blue, white, and tan.Tumpal motif (row of isosceles triangles) at ends and large sawat or mironj motif (wings of Garuda, mount of Vishnu)…

  • Scarf, 18th–early 19th century

    Long narrow scarf with ends decorated in deep borders that embroidered in red, blue and pale green in a series of geometric designs. Shorts tassels of green, red and blue…

  • Scarf (Near East), 19th century

    Narrow scarf of cream muslin with sides embroidered in silver thread in a design showing detached group of flowers.

  • Scarf, late 19th–early 20th century

    Panel of tie-dyed silk, with a dark burgundy rectangle in the center, surrounded by a thin band of yellow, with a burnt crimson border. Thin band of metallic yarn lace…

  • Scarf, 19th–early 20th century

    Scarf of cream-white satin, embroidered in polychrome silk design of large rose clusters of seeds and small sketched flowers in the center. Border of naturalistic vine and flower design. In…

  • Scarf (USA), 1956

    Black and gray scarf with a small-scale plaid design in the center. Scarf ends show four rows of four conventionalized flower heads.

  • Scarf (USA), 1956

    Short, narrow scarf of dark gold, black and turquoise blue. Central section has a small-scale plaid in dark gold. Scarf ends show a large, open stylized flower head in turquoise…

  • Scarf (USA), 1956

    Overlapping half circles in red and black form long, narrow bands.

  • Scarf

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