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  • Sampler (USA), 1827

    Sampler embroidered in red, black and blue on a white ground, with the alphabet and inscription Susanna Meck 1827 at the top, and many small detached motifs including animals, birds,…

  • Sampler (England), 17th century

    Thirteen cross borders in cutwork with needlepoint stitches and embroidery in satin and curled stitches.

  • Sampler (Morocco), 18th–19th century

    Square of undyed cotton partially filled with sections of borders and designs, some suggestive of Renaissance symmetrical stylized plant borders and some fantastic geometrical symmetrial floral repeats. In faded multicolored…

  • Sampler (Austria), late 18th–early 19th century

    Long narrow sampler of knitting in fine linen, showing twenty-five sections of different stitches, narrow end designs.

  • Sampler (Germany), 19th century

    Fine stem stitch outlines two coronets, a crest, in blue. The initials W, S punched with buttonhole stitch. AK, JAV, and scrolls printed in blue. Drawn work borders.

  • Sampler (Germany), early 19th century

    Seventy-eight needlework patterns embroidered on a ground of hexagonal mesh. Mounted on stiff green paper.

  • Sampler (Germany), early 19th century

    Twenty-seven patterns embroidered on hexagonal double-ply mesh in small squares; three squares not filled in. Mounted on red paper.

  • Sampler (Germany), early 19th century

    Eleven patterns worked on four-sided double-ply twisted mesh. Mounted on stiff green paper.

  • Sampler, 1800–1850

    Continuous web of knotted netting in about sixteen designs mounted on a long strip of stiff green paper.

  • Sampler, late 18th–early 19th century

    Rectangle of fine linen divided by chain stitch into thirty-five small squares, inside each of which a variety of drawnwork and darning methods are worked in white cotton.

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