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  • Pendant with Madonna Pendant, 19th century

    Bell-shaped pendant, surrounded by wreath of garnets and small rose diamonds, attached to bow-tie pin, again studded with garnets and diamonds. Pendant of thick glass contains an image in gold…

  • Pendant, ca. 1814

    Medal commemorating Tsar Alexander I of Russia. Obverse shows laureate head of the Emperor, and the inscription: ALEXANDER I. IMP. RUSSORUM. Uniface, in contemporary ornate frame with suspension ring.

  • Pendant (Italy), 1875–90

    Brooch in the Renaissance style of gold, enamel, rubies, sapphires and pearls.

  • Pendant, 18th century

    Flat, shield-shaped pendant of white satin embroidered in gold and sequins. The pattern, identical on both sides, represents a monstrance with sprays of wheat at the sides, and a border…

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