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  • Panel (Italy), 17th century

    Panel edged on one side with a border showing a design of birds and flowers.

  • Panel (Italy), 17th century

    Panel edged on one side with a wide border in a design showing a conventionalized vine pattern. Trimmed with bobbin lace.

  • Panel (Near East), 18th century

    Square panel of white cotton, drawn and worked over into a net-like background for an almost solid embroidery in silk of highly conventionalized geometric and flower forms. Pale blue, green,…

  • Panel (Italy), 16th–17th century

    Oblong panel with end borders and narrow side borders worked in blue and red silk and edged with narrow scalloped fringe of the same silk. End border design has symmetrically…

  • Panel (possibly Egypt), 7th century

    Small vertical panel showing a small haloed figure with short hair, beardless face, spread hands, and two pairs of wings drooping around the body. One pair encloses the halo and…

  • Panel (France), 1775–1800

    Long, narrow shaped panel, probably from a skirt, that is narrower at the top and curved at the bottom. Cream-white twill weave with brocading in a small floral design. Embroidered…

  • Panel (France), late 18th century

    Long, narrow shaped panel of white satin decorated with ribbon embroidery and silk thread. Designs of delicate festoons of flowers and ribbons extend almost entirely across the panel, primarily in…

  • Panel (France), 1670–85

    Elaborate design with a central, throned figure of a young man in a high headdress holding a scepter in his right hand. He is flanked by symmetrical standing figures with…

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