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  • Necklace with amulet Necklace, 19th century

    Amulet: metal, probably silver alloy. Box 5.5 cm (2 1/8 in.) square, with cover having filigree and turquoise ornamentation including four triangular pieces at base, applied at each side of…

  • Necklace (India), probably 19th century

    Necklace: Thin metal (copper or gilt alloy) with tooled ornaments, each bead filled with composition. Cloth disks separate the beads from each other. Most beads are roughly flattened spherical. Two…

  • Necklace (Egypt)

    Faience, single strand of disks, multi-colored and sized

  • Beaded necklace Necklace, 5 BC

    Single-strand necklace of eyes in pierced design, separated by groups of very small faience beads and fifteen other larger beads including soapstone pendant in form of eye. Larger painted is…

  • Necklace (India), mid-19th century

    Necklace. Gold beads with semi-precious stones, on red silk cord.

  • Necklace (India), ca. 1855

    Twenty-one turquoises, eighteen pearls, one hundred forty-eight baroque pearls. Braided gold thread ties. In embroidered lavender box.

  • Necklace (India), mid-19th century

    Four strands of links of graduated length, alternately beaded and fasetted, on concealed inner chain; fastened at ends to two triangular elements decorated with filigree and flattened granules; ring and…

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