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  • Napkin (France), 1910

    Cream-colored napkin or tea cloth embroidered with initials and ornamented with cutwork and lace.

  • Napkin

  • Napkin

  • Napkin (USA), early–mid-19th century

    Small fringed napkin woven in a block design of brown, blue, tan and purple.

  • Napkin

  • Napkin (Sweden), ca. 1956

    Pattern of centered stripes, set off by smaller lines and circular motifs, woven in white and yellow.

  • Napkin (Finland), ca. 1956

    Tapering, linear design in black on grey.

  • Napkin, Line Play, 1956

    Tapering, linear design in brown on natural color.

  • Napkin

  • Napkin

    Bobbin & needle lace napkin

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