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  • Lamp (USA), 17th century

    Old wrought steel oil lamp on tripod stand with ring foot a) single wick Betty lamp with cut-out bird on nail hinged cover. Handle bent forward, its hole holding a…

  • Lamp, 12th–13th century

  • Lamp

  • Lamp

  • Lamp (France), ca. 1925

    Eight bronze square tubings forming vertical shaft, held together visually by cluster of four wreathes two-thirds of way up, tubing tapers ending in scrolled supports to hold alabaster globe. Footed…

  • Lamp

  • Lamp

  • Lamp

  • Lamp (USA), ca. 1890

    A lamp with a bulbous top gradually descending into a narrow bottom. Finished in a marble like “mokume” technique in gold, copper and black colors. In 3 parts : (a)…

  • Dragonfly, model 1462 (shade) Lamp, 1900–10

    Conical shade of amber and green stained glass with dragonflies around the sides, on gilded base as bunch of tall grass surrounded by lily pads.

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