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  • Goblet

  • Four Continents Goblet, 1750–70

    (a) Flaring chalice cut at the bottom and engraved with the figures of the Four Continents between rocaille columns. Asia with crescent sceptre and camels; Europe with globe and sceptre;…

  • Goblet (Germany), ca. 1751–53

    Silver-gilt American Indian, in feather skirt and headdress, holding up globular glass cup, engraved with coat of arms, two gentlemen shaking hands, and legend: “Treuer Freunde Freundschafts Pflicht Endert Sich…

  • Goblet (USA), ca. 1900

    a&c) Inverted bell-shaped cups with deep blue upper portion and milky blue-white rims shading into clear glass; domed foot with white rim and eight white tapered pinwheel forms radiating form…

  • Goblet (England), 1760–80

    Goblet of clear glass with ogee-shaped bowl, opaque white lace-twist straight stem and plain foot.

  • Goblet

  • Goblet (Switzerland), early–mid-18th century

    Clear glass goblet. Vessel is inverted bell shape with etched decoration.

  • Goblet

    Clear glass goblet with painted decoration. Stag central figure

  • Goblet

    Clear glass goblet with light blue cast. Creast etched on center of goblet

  • Goblet (Switzerland), 18th century

    Clear glass goblet with 2 rows of shields decoration painted on body.

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