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  • Embroidered Picture (England), late 17th century

    Small embroidered picture depicting the story of Judith and Holofernes, worked almost entirely in knot stitches on white silk using colored silks and metallic threads. Judith, holding a sword in…

  • Embroidered Picture, late 17th century

    Embroidered picture. Three depths: in foreground, a landscape with flowers, a pond and animals (from left to right: lion, stag, leopard and unicorn); in middle ground, two women, one holding…

  • Embroidered Picture (England), late 17th century

    Embroidered picture. Two depths: in foreground, a woman with child speak to a bearded man; in background, an angel looks over a landscape with trees, a castle, and a tent…

  • Embroidered Picture (Italy), 16th century

    Panel, almost square, of elaborate embroidery in silk and gold on ground of dark green satin. Central oval with embroidered pictorial representation of the “Adoration of the Christ Child,” white…

  • Embroidered Picture (Germany)

  • Embroidered Picture

  • Embroidered Picture (England)

  • Embroidered Picture (England), 17th century

    Small oblong pictorial embroidery, possibly for a bible cover, worked in petit point in colored silks with metallic threads as background. On the left, a bearded man sitting at a…

  • Embroidered Picture (England), mid- 17th century

    Woven linen canvas with design drawing showing animals and figures in landscape. Partially embroidered with silk.

  • Embroidered Picture (USA), ca. 1948

    On a cream colored ground, artificial silks (rayon?) is embroidered picture of a cat, in shades of brown, white and green. Cat lies, facing frontally, head up, forepaws out. Its…

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