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  • Earrings (India), late 19th century

    Pair of earrings. Turquoise matrix and silver.

  • Earrings (India), late 19th century

    Pair of earrings of gilt metal, filigree, the outer half circle form has suspended white glass pearls and beads in green and turquoise. Inner circle is set with pendants.

  • Earrings (USA), ca. 1850

    Pair of earrings of hairi-work woven into spherical and cylindrical forms, mounted in gold.

  • Earrings (Italy), ca. 1860

    “Florentine Mosaic” parure, set in gilt metal filigree and granule decoration surrounding circles (upper portion of earrings), and half-circles of porcelain or enamel. The parure is composed of: brooch; pendant…

  • Hummingbird heads Earrings, late 19th century

    a,b: Each earring made of head of hummingbird set in oval gold frame, with three oval pendants set with feathers. c: box designed to hold earrings; covered with black imitation…

  • Earrings (France), mid-19th century

    Earrings with screw fasteners. A shows child placing floral wreath on head and b shows a child smelling flowers, painted on circular plate surrounded by rose diamonds and gold frame;…

  • Mosaic earrings Earrings, mid-19th century

    Design of flowers in mosaic, set in onyx and mounted in a gold frame.

  • Earrings, ca. 1830

    Pair of earings of woven pearls making a flower. Earrings and companion members of suite in a circular red leather case designed to hold the group.

  • Earrings (Italy), ca. 1880

    -41a and b: Circular ornament of central pearl surrounded by eight pearl clusters; below, and attached by four strings of seed pearls, is an ornament of central pearl with six…

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