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  • Dado (England), 1817–27

    Simulates wooden Chinese fretwork railing with elements repeating horizontally. An illusion of depth is achieved by means of shadows against yellow irregular wave background. Printed in purple on yellow ground.

  • Dado (France), 1810

    A horizontal rectangle shows two children. The boy has placed a board over a small brook and the girl is in the act of crossing over. A floral rope marks…

  • Dado (France), ca. 1815

    Large horizontal rectangle containing motif of doves perched on a quiver of arrows. On either side are vertical rectangles the designs of which are identical: a trophy made up of…

  • Dado (France), 1790

    Vase at center, from which are suspended ropes of pearls. Two winged terms at either side catch up the ends of the pearl ropes and with their hands grasp the…

  • Dado (France), ca. 1810

    A vase filled with fruit at center towards which two kneeling, confronted maidens reach. They are dressed in flowing classical robes. A stylized Ionic column marks the horizontal repeat. A…

  • Dado, Chinese Dado, 1952

    Simulates wooden Chinese fretwork railing. Three dimensional effect achieved by self tones and shadows against wave background. Gray, black and white fretwork against pale blue wave background.

  • Dado, Chinese Dado, 1952

    Simulates wooden Chinese fretwork railing. Three-dimensional effect obtained by self tones and shadows against wave background. Stiles are pale purple; waves are yellow.

  • Dado, “Jardin d’Hiver” [Serre Chaude], 1851–55

    High, thick cluster of flowers and leaves growing from brown soil at bottom. Flowers, in bright colors, are roses, tuberoses, daisies, poppies, morning glories, and others. The base of the…

  • Dado (France), 1810–15

    Green ground with grisaille figures of Hercules holding the globe of sky on his back at the front of a colonade, alternating with the “Triumph of Venus” with Venus standing…

  • Dado (France), 1800–1810

    Long horizontal rectangle. Brown and yellow moldings along upper and lower edges. Major motif on brown ground is acanthus rinceau. This enframes alternately two grisaille motifs: a kneeling winged boy…

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