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  • Collar, ca. 1900

    Shawl-type collar of alternating rows of braid and knotted thread; edged at bottom with black silk fringe.

  • Collar (France), 1909

    Coat collar

  • Collar (France), late 17th century

    Long narrow scarf or collar of Point de France with elaborate floral and scroll designs in a symmetrical arrangement with figures of people scattered throughout. Figures include a woman with…

  • Collar (China)

  • Collar (China), 19th century

    Cream colored silk collar affixed with thirteen green silk “cloud” pendants, each with eight petals. Embroidered with polychrome silk and couched gold showing flowers and butterflies.

  • Collar

  • Collar, 17th century

    Pair of separate collars called apparels, slightly curved along top edge, with deep rounded side at bottom, to be worn over and outside a vestment. Yellow satin, embroidered in silk…

  • Collar (England), 19th–20th century

    Rounded collar in Brussels technique, but Honiton style.

  • Collar (Russia), 18th century

    A collar embroidered with metal and colored silk threads showing a stylized lily pattern.

  • Collar, 1670–85

    Man’s collar of Brussels-style lace in a pattern of stylized floral and foliated forms in a large scale symmetrical arrangement and connected by brides.

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