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  • Ceiling Paper (USA), 1890

    Fine network formed by delicate geometrical scrolls embellished with small floral ropes and flower clusters. Printed in gold, silver, pink, green, white on pale blue ground.

  • Ceiling Paper (USA), 1900–1915

    Diagonal rows of scroll-enframed figures of various shapes. A near geometrical feeling results. Figures are not large. The most elaborate motif has leafy forms in pink and silver.

  • Ceiling Paper (USA), ca. 1888

    Twisting acanthus octagonal framework centered with leafy forms interlock in all-over pattern.

  • Ceiling Paper (USA), 1887–95

    A series of approximately circular figures, the largest of which has scrolled frame with red center motifs. Printed in gold, white and red on dull yellow embossed ground.

  • Ceiling Paper (USA), 1885–89

    Bold leafy scrolls with small pink roses alternate in checkered fashion with delicate ropes of small flowers forming eight-pointed star centered with small flower and bud. Printed on pink ground.

  • Ceiling Paper (USA), 1885–90

    Ceiling paper, motifs of four foliate scrolls set within a laurel circle. Printed in green and pink on ochre ground.

  • Ceiling Paper (USA), 1900

    Quatrefoil motifs in green and gold, with connecting thin scrolls on woodgrain imitation on uncoated paper. Drop match, drop repeat.

  • Ceiling Paper (USA), 1880–87

    Floral sprigs and foliette sprigs, randomly joined in non-directional manner. Printed in yellow-green with gold floral highlights and gold dots, on light yellow-green ground. Printed in selvedge: “A.W.P.M.A.”

  • Ceiling Paper (USA), 1875–1910

    Diamond-diaper or trellis design. Stylized four-petal floral motif in each grid, with quatrefoil in each trellis intersection. Printed in white mica on white ground.

  • Ceiling Paper, 1868–69

    Starburst or dandelion-like flowers with smaller floral-like motifs and dots. Printed in metallic gold on light blue ground.

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