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  • Cap (Egypt), late 13th–early 14th century

    Man’s cap of bright blue silk formed from six isoceles triangles, with a deep band to encircle the head. The triangles have quilted geometric borders and fillings; the band has…

  • Cap

  • Cap (USA)

  • Cap (possibly Egypt)

  • Cap (Egypt), 9th–12th century

    Skull cap wiht flat circular crown, band around the head, of double thickness of undyed linen with embroidered, couched, and quilted decoration. Diamonds around headband with various fillings in forms…

  • Cap (Egypt)

  • Cap

  • Cap (Spain), late 18th century

    Close fitting skull cap of pink silk net. Embroidered in pink silks. Very long elaborate tassel of strands of chenille in coral pink, made into a group of strands.

  • Cap (France), 1700–1750

    Cap of cream white cotton, made in four conical sections. Seams stitched in silver thread, joined at top with metal tassel. Embroidered with small-scale flower sprays in blue, white, and…

  • Cap (Spain), late 18th century

    Dark red knitted silk cap with diagonally ribbed body, and crown with a star-shaped area of varied knitting patterns. With very long ornament of silk cords and chenille, forming three…

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