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  • Brooch (France), ca. 1830–40

    In the form of three berries, with gold leaves and stems. Eleven diamonds, fifty-eight rubies. One loose berry was repaired in 1957 (see object card for details).

  • Brooch (England or United States), ca. 1837

    Framed gold oval showing horn-of-plenty made of hair, seed pearls and pailettes and the initials “FEG”. Surrounded by tightly woven brown human hair.

  • Brooch, 1750–1800

    In the shape of a low, wide basket filled with a floral and foliate arrangement, composed of rose-cut diamonds set in silver and gold. Reverse features closed settings; double-pronged pin,…

  • Brooch, ca. 1800

    Brooch consisting of large spray of leaves done in 18 karat gold and paved in diamonds. The stalks of what in this brooch are set on thin wires that vibrate…

  • Brooch (USA)

    Glass vase with painted gold flowers and pin attatched.

  • Brooch (Italy), ca. 1898

    Gold brooch with oval carved sapphire cameo of Cybelle or Isis (or the Personification of Italy) seated on throne; framed by four cabochon sapphires, ninety-three Old Mine diamonds, and pendant…

  • Kul Oba Brooch, ca. 1875

    Large gold pendant broach with circular top, arched section below from which hang 11 vase-shaped pendants. Fine gold granulation work throughout. The design of this brooch, like some other pieces…

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