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  • Brisé Fan, late 19th–early 20th century

    Brisé fan. Celluloid stick with white, uncurled ostrich feathers.

  • Brisé Fan, late 19th–early 20th century

    Brisé fan. Tortoise shell sticks with black ostrich feathers, graded larger toward center; smaller tips are massed on outer guard.

  • Brisé Fan, ca. 1875

    Brisé fan. tortoise shell sticks connected with brown ribbon; tortoise shell bail. In box with tan paper tooled in gilt.

  • Brisé Fan, early 19th century

  • Brisé Fan, early 19th century

    Brisé fan. Bone sticks pierced with small spider-like figure repeated with variations in all-over design forming three circular medallions in center portion of field, with a band above and below.

  • Brisé Fan (China), ca. 1785

    Brisé fan with carved ivory sticks. A monogram in an oval medallion at the center is flanked by pagodas on either side. The ground is filled with an overall design…

  • Brisé Fan, ca. 1840

    Brisé fan. Black and gold lacquered wood sticks. Delicate, all-over decoration encloses a panel depicting a garden scene with figure groups. Ends of sticks decorated with different vignettes of figures…

  • Brisé Fan, early 19th–early 20th century

    Brisé fan. Brown tortoise shell sticks pierced in flat openwork all-over design. Painted with gouache showing forget-me-nots and sprays of flowers. Blue connecting ribbon.

  • Brisé Fan, ca. 1830

    Brisé fan. Blonde horn sticks with scalloped ends, pierced in lace-like manner with designs of scallops, feathers and gilded rosettes. Mother-of-pearl guards decorated with steel piqués. Steel rivet. White silk…

  • Brisé Fan, early 19th century

    Brisé fan. Blond horn decorated on obverse with gold painting of floral, fern, wheat and feather motifs. Sticks connected by gold-colored ribbon. Steel piqués arranged in scalloped band below ribbon.

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