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  • Box And Cover (Denmark), 20th century

    Cover: figure of a white reclining cat, ears and eyes touched with color. Copenhagen mark in underglaze blue. Box: irregular shape with frieze of grey-painted mice. Projection forms right rear…

  • Box And Cover, 19th century

    Oval bent wood box. Cover with hemispherical handle at center and notches on two sides. Burned wood decoration showing abstracted scattered flowers and a continuous undulating line.

  • Box And Cover (Japan), late 19th century

  • Box And Cover, 19th century

    Cylindrical body on spreading foot. Green ground with sprig decoration showing off-white relief decoration of classical figure groups.

  • Box And Cover (Japan), 19th century

    Rectangular box, with rounded corners, of wood. Sides and tops covered with applied flowers carved in mother-of-pearl and tinted ivory. Silver bands around edge of box and cover. Inside bottom…

  • Box And Cover

  • Box And Cover, ca. 1830

  • Box And Cover (Japan), 1920

  • Box And Cover

  • Box And Cover, 1853–70

    Rectangular box covered with watered white paper. (B) Cover, with watered paper on outside, edges framed with gold paper. Oval label on top “550 Broadway 552 + Tiffany Compy +…

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