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  • Borders (England), 1815–25

    Wide strips of bamboo alternating with two thin strips. Two complete border widths running vertically, beneath which, portion of a third runs horizontally. In each border shading of strips changes…

  • Borders (England), 1820

    Two widths of border included in complete wallpaper width. Bamboo strips in brown, with highlights, closely spaced. Printed on light blue ground.

  • Borders (England), 1820

    Conventionalized brown bamboo strips in high relief against yellow background. The actual ground of the paper is brown. Two borders included in one width.

  • Borders (England), 1820

    Two bamboo trellis borders to the width. Black bamboo on pink ground. Series stops and resumes again at one end.

  • Borders (England), 1822

    Two identical borders included in one width of papers. Four colors on light tan ground. Stripes in cream and orange-brown in varying widths and tones.

  • Borders (England), 1820

    Parallel strips of brown bamboo, with highlights, on yellow ground. Eight colors. Two borders included in one width. Shadows falling on ground change direction at approximately mid point of each…

  • Borders (England), 1820–22

    Black parallel bamboo strips on pink ground. Two borders to a width. Shading of strips changes direction approximately half way across each border.

  • Borders, Peer Gynt, 1950–51

    Serpentine border in five colors with stylized tulips and other flowers. Scalloped lower edge, included in the same sheet is smaller serpentine border of leaves and buds to be used…

  • Borders (England), 1815–30

    Twelve narrow borders composed of black, continuous wave design on dark-red marbleized ground.

  • Borders, late 17th century

    Borders of needle lace, Gros Point de Venise, in large floral pattern connected by brides picotées and outlined by cordonnet.

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