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  • Belt (Russia), late 19th century

    Ribbon belt in silver cloth with black silk strips and figures. Six convex buttons and two-part buckle ornamented in scrolling stem and leaf design and the word “Kavkaz” (Caucasus) in…

  • Belt, ca. 1930

    Belt patterned with thin stripes in shades of mauve and pink predominantly, also black, yellow, orange, and green. Both ends have warp fringes. Weft ribbing from heavy cerise wefts.

  • Belt, early 20th century

    Belt with one surface of dark blue wool fancy twill with echelons forming large diamonds. The reverse side, white cotton cloth with large diamonds outlined with the dark blue wool…

  • Belt (Poland), 20th century

    Card-woven belt fragment in a bird’s eye pattern in orange, green, and shades of purple. Narrow, striped edges.

  • Belt (Peru), 19th–20th century

    Double-faced belt with continuous stylized design of birds and rosettes widely spaced on band. Blue-green on dark red with opposite on the reverse. Red and white borders with purple edges.…

  • Belt (Guatemala)

    Belt with bands of geometric forms and stylized figures in dark blue, yellow, turquoise, tan and dark red.

  • Belt (Guatemala), 1900–1956

    Belt with bands of geometric forms and stylized human figures and animals in dark blue, white, and grey-green. Weft detail in mercerized cotton in orange, red, and purple. Warp plaits…

  • Belt

  • Belt (Guatemala), ca. 1950s

    Belt in brown and white stripes. One half of belt elaborately embroidered on dark brown ground with floral patterns in red, green, yellow and white.

  • Belt, 20th century

    narrow strip with self pattern of diamonds.

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