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  • Embroidered Band (Taiwan), 19th–mid-20th century

    “Old black traders’ cotton” worked in fine white, orange, yellow, green cross stitch, with geometrical band with stylized floral motives extending from it on lower edge.

  • Breast Plate (Taiwan), 1900–1955

    Diamond-shaped badge with allover continuous lozenge pattern of blue-green, cerise, and purple in weft floats on natural ramie warps. Divided into eight equal parts by rows of close-set traders’ buttons…

  • Embroidered Band (Taiwan), 19th–mid-20th century

    Broad chevron band embroidered in yellow, orange, and green on black traders’ cotton. Cross-stitch guard border.

  • Embroidered Band (Taiwan), early 20th century

    Narrow geometrical border embroidered in red, white, yellow, orange, and green ramie cross-stitch on old black traders’ cotton

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