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  • Spoon (Norway), 1804

    Round bowl engraved with zig-zag border enclosing fourteen petalled blossom in gilt. Short stem applied with ropetwist segment topped by bosse below squared and trellis pierced terminal fitted with silver…

  • Tray Cloth (Norway), 1950–60

    Small square tray cloth of linen damask in grey and white. Design shows horizontally-running lines emphasized by irregularly placed rectangles on top of lines.

  • Table Runner (Norway), 1950–60

    Table runner in yellow, gray and white in a pattern showing graduating cylindrical shapes coming from either side and touching in the middle.

  • Viking Motifs Matchsafe, ca. 1900

    Rectangular, curved corners and sides, featuring relief decoration of a kneeling viking with sword and shield, fending off partially visible dragon in upper left-hand corner. Lid hinged on side. Striker…

  • Sampler (Norway), 1850–1900

    Geometric ornament, houses alternate with trees, people surrounded by Greek fret.

  • Textile (Norway), ca. 1940

    Fabric sample with green stripes and reversing bands of brown and white.

  • Sample Book (Norway), 1940

    Folder containing eight samples in various fancy weaves.

  • Sample Book (Norway), 1940

    Eight samples of fabric.

  • Bowl (Norway), 1950

    Circular shallow bowl on circular foot. Foot straight-sided, tapering toward bowl. Applied rim on bowl. Plain mirror polished interior. Two “S” scroll handles at sides; each broad and flat on…

  • Neckpiece (Norway), 1991

    Twisted wooden neckpiece painted blue, black and tan. One end in blue reminiscent of a tail or an elephant trunk; other end has a ring.

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