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  • Wrapper (Nigeria), early 20th century

    Woman’s wrapper with a large-scale design of two columns of squares, each criss-crossed by diagonal lines. Field of small white circles. In white on a deep blue ground.

  • Textile (Nigeria), early 20th century

    Long strip of woven cotton with a simple woven windowpane check; a wide stripe down the center is edged with light blue and has two parallel lines of white ikat.

  • Textile (Nigeria), ca. 1950

    Central medallion shows a man and a crowned woman with lettering above their heads reading OKASA AKA UNI. The medallion is derived from one designed to commemorate the Silver Jubilee…

  • Fragment (Nigeria), mid-20th century

    Reversible square fragment of dark red, with a center band of blue, yellow and white weft floats which form a geometric pattern.

  • Fragment (Nigeria), 1961

    Narrow-woven light-brown cotton with light-blue stripes, embroidered in a highly abstract pattern in gold-colored rayon thread.

  • Fragment (Nigeria), 1961

    Embroidered sample for a tunic front in light brown and blue striped cotton, pieced together from four narrow strips. The neck opening is indicated, and the front is embroidered with…

  • Fragment (Nigeria), 1961

    Narrow-woven, tan cotton cloth with ivory stripes, embroidered with gray rayon in an asymmetrical scrolling pattern.

  • Baby Carrier (Nigeria), mid- 20th century

    Tie used by Nigerian women to fasten babies to themselves. Long narrow rectangle with stripes of blue, black, yellow, red and brown. Fringed at both ends.

  • Textile (Nigeria), mid- 20th century

  • Yarns (Nigeria), mid- 20th century

    Cotton yarns, tied in preparation for resist-dyeing but not yet dyed.

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