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  • Textile (Burma)

  • Fragment (Burma), early 19th century

    Figural groups from Burmese iconography, in close-set vertical repeat about 16″ high. Blue ground, right half textured with tiny white dots and left half with faint yellow bars suggesting architectural…

  • Tape (Burma), 1900–1957

    Geometrical ornament and inscription in the Pali language in red and cream. narrow saffron yellow edges or selvedges. Warp fringe (33cm) at one end.

  • Manokthiha (Myanmar (formerly known as Burma)), 18th century

    Carved, lacquered and gilded architectural corner element

  • Tape (Burma), possibly 1900–69

    Long red and ivory tape with inscription in the Pali language of Burma. It was used to tie palm leaf manuscripts. Tape ends with a long braid of the warp

  • Sarong (Burma), 1894

    Four pieces sewn together: border of pink silk; narrow multicolored bands in orange, green, red, and purple. Center panel with side border of red and green striped silk. Panel design…

  • Skirt (Burma), 19th century

    Black linen plain cloth with horizontal stripes of red. The material is closely pleated and the pleats held in place by threads; on the top of each pleat is a…

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