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  • Sampler (Morocco), 18th–19th century

    Square of undyed cotton partially filled with sections of borders and designs, some suggestive of Renaissance symmetrical stylized plant borders and some fantastic geometrical symmetrial floral repeats. In faded multicolored…

  • Band (Morocco), 18th century

    Natural color linen worked in red silk with the design reserved in the linen outlined in green silk. Details of decoration in green silk. Main design consists of a fountain…

  • Cap (Morocco), 1900–1950

    Knitted wool cap with a design of overlapping arches, each with a six-pointed star, in white wool on a rust-red ground. Chevron border at lower edge of alternating red and…

  • Sampler (Morocco), 19th century

    Embroidery sampler showing a large series of the various motifs, including stylized florals and geometric shapes with square motif at centre. Double running and satin stitches in red, green blue…

  • Band (Morocco), 19th century

    Border of natural linen with triangular tab edge, embroidered in red silk with a stylized floral vine growing out of an urn.

  • Band (Morocco), 19th century

    Border of natural linen embroidered in red silk in a geometric design of two intertwined strands, with a floral pendant edge.

  • Panel (Morocco), 19th century

    Panel embroidered with a band of hexagonal motifs set in ground of crossing diagonal lines made up of small four-lobed figures. Ends of panel are buttonholed.

  • Embroidery (Morocco), 19th century

    Panel of linen with rolled edges stitched in buttonhole and overcasting; embroidery at one end in design of conventionalized stem with flowers and leaves arranged as borders on three sides…

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