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  • Tuskers Pair Of Earrings, 1993

    Each earring an incised dark yellow disk with a black elephant head in profile within a black band with “Tusker” written in white above and below;suspended from shaped wire with…

  • Tuskers Pair Of Earrings, 1974

    Each earing a slightly flattened bottlecap showing a black elephant head in profile within a white circular band with “Tusker” above and below, all on a yellow ground; suspended from…

  • Necklace (Kenya), 1960–70

    String of red beads, with metal chains and East Africa one cent coins suspended at regular intervals through holes in their centers.

  • Elder’s necklace with shells Necklace, 1900–1972

    Three flat shell disks fastened together by leather strap with yellow and white beaded ornament; this suspended from narrow leather strap covered with beadwork in predominantly blue, red, and white.

  • Wire lip plug Lip Plug, ca. 1900–73

    Curved band of inter-woven copper and brass wires with red glass bead at bottom, flat disk-like terminal at top.

  • Lip Plug (Kenya), 1900–1973

    Flattened ivory sphere (a) with hole drilled out at one end; wooden keeper (b) with long post and flattened sperical head, fits into hole in ivory disk.

  • Nose Leaf Nose Leaf, ca. 1970

    Flat broad leaf shape with central spine and hook at top edge.

  • Apron (Kenya), ca. 1940

    Rectangular panel of beadwork, predominantly red, green, blue, white; row of metal chain links bottom edge; fiber ties.

  • Belt (Kenya), ca. 1973

    Wide beaded band with blue, green, yellow, red geometrical pattern on white background; row of metal coins attached at lower edge by strings of white beads; 3-button closing.

  • Dikdik Belt Belt, ca. 1968

    Made from bone segments strung together on leather with two rows of red and blue bead spacers; red, blue and green beaded tie ends.

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