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  • Band (Greece), 17th century

    Fragment of border, cream linen ground embroidered in red, green, white and black silk. Highly stylized plant forms with birds and stags confronted. Narrow guard borders.

  • Embroidery (Greece), late 19th century

    Horizonal panel with deep border embroidered in row of large flowering wreaths in blues, blue-greens, shades of rust; touches of white, black and yellow whithin the guard strips; similar wreath…

  • Purse (Greece), 1920s

    Flat square purse with top snap opening and gilded metal chain for carrying, beige satin lining and fittings. Made from the sleeve of a peasant woman’s blouse of the 19th…

  • Handkerchief (Greece)

  • Textile (Greece)

  • Band (Greece), 18th–19th century

    Linen band embroidered with red silk with a repeating alternation of two patterns. One is a mermaid and the other a bird and cornucopia, each flipped both vertically and horizontally.…

  • Woman’s Headdress (Greece), late 18th–early 19th century

    Long cream-colored panel with wide embroidered border at each end and long warp fringe. Border shows two rows of triangles separated by wide zigzags of drawn work in silk and…

  • Pillow Cover (Greece), 18th century

    Rectangle of embroidery with a large central lozenge surrounded by four incomplete lozenges, embroidered in red, white and yellow silks on a blue ground. Voided geometric forms resembling Arabic script.

  • Textile (Greece), 18th century

    Coarse blue linen tabby embroidered with saw-tooth bands of white separating diagonal rows of red and yellow running stitch which reserve rows of backward L-shaped forms.

  • Textile (Greece), 19th century

    Three pieces of embroidered linen, with design arranged in narrow panels. Stylized flower heads on either side of straight vine, worked in red outlined in pink; in gold thread outlined…

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