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  • Textile (Finland)

  • Bowl (Finland), ca. 1954

    Clear, slightly curved, thick-bottomed circular bowl flaring to thin rim.

  • Gloves (Finland), ca. 1875

    Dark red gloves in small, tight stitches with a broad band of addorsed birds with stylized floral motif between in pink and yellow in the palm area. Narrow band between…

  • Stockings (Finland)

  • Stockings (Finland)

  • Vase (Finland), 1957

    Dark purple and grey glass

  • Hanging, Shells IV, 1957

    Four large, white curving shell shapes are inlaid in a dark grey weft satin ground by means of interlocking tapestry. Within the shell shapes, texture and patterning are created by…

  • Hanging, The Pigeons, 1958

    Long, narrow panel of grey/white ground with three different groups of birds. Bodies of two birds and wings and feet of others are accented by brocading in white, grey, green,…

  • Hanging, White Veil, 1950

    Hanging woven in shades of pink, orange, blue, brown and cream, depicting three-quarter view of a girl’s face.

  • Tray Cloth, Princesses, 1947–48

    Stylized design of girls with cats, woven in white and light brown.

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