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  • cat Miniature

  • Cat and kitten Figure, late 19th–early 20th century

    Gray, black, and white tabby cat standing on hind legs holds an upraised stick above a mewing kitten lying across its knee, as if in the act of spanking.

  • Figure (Austria), 1850–1900

    Enameled and gilt metal figurine of bald-pated man holding brass decanter and wine glass. Enameled costume: royal blue jacket with tan belt, blue waistcoat with red buttons, green breeches, white…

  • Figure (Austria), 1850–1900

    Metal figurine of bald-pated man with top knot holding bow and brown enamel violin with gold strings and edging. Enameled costume: green jacket with gray blet, royal blue waistcoat with…

  • Cup And Saucer (Austria), ca. 1805

    A porcelain cup and saucer with floral pattern in gilding.

  • Platter And Stand (Austria), late 19th century

    (a: platter): On pale green marli six oblong fields of wine red, all factory decorated with raised gold arabesques, and six gold medallions with grisaille genii. In center, polychrome copy…

  • Frieze (Austria), 1862

    Red, pink, white and yellow roses in tight garland, wound with blue ribbon,tied in bows. yellow ground, with bead edge on black, forming circles at each repeat, which are filled…

  • Sampler (Austria), late 18th–early 19th century

    Long narrow sampler of knitting in fine linen, showing twenty-five sections of different stitches, narrow end designs.

  • Skippet And Cover With Seal Of Leopold II (Austria), 1790–92

    a) Circular box with four holes on sides for cards. On bottom, engraved shield with LII , crowned. Inside the Great Seal of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, surrounded by legends. b)…

  • Print (Austria)

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