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  • Fragment (Afghanistan), before 1906

    Scaled and blurred medium-scale geometric design in drimson, gold, rust, white, and green on ground in shades of deep blue. two crimson twill selvedges with paired white pencil stripes.

  • Cap (Afghanistan), mid-19th century

    Undyed cotton quilted into narrow ribs, possibly over cording. Cording is over embroidery of coarse satin stitches in orange, black, yellow and green in a pattern of various stylized floral…

  • Cap (Afghanistan), 19th century

    Cap decorated with long ovoids surrounded by stylized borders. Multicolored silks are embroidered using coarse satin stitch in purple, pink, yellow and green. Quilted cords make ridges that give stucture…

  • Scarf (Afghanistan), 20th century

    Resist pattern of a series of squares containing “butahs” or cone shapes. Borders of the squares contain a curving vine pattern. Pattern is yellow on dark green and within each…

  • Woman’s Robe (munisak) (Afghanistan), late 19th century

    Woman’s coat with full skirt gathered into the waist seam, asymmetrical front opening, and long sleeves which narrow to the wrist, made of silk warp ikat in bright colors of…

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